What is NAPPS Certification?

The certification program of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters is a broad-ranged and in-depth 16-week course covering all topics relevant to pet sitting, including pet care, health, nutrition and behavior, business development and management, and a complete pet first aid course.


How should I prepare before the Professional Pet Sitter begins her first day of service?

Many of the most important things needed to make your absence worry-free will be covered by your Professional Pet Sitter during the initial "meet and greet" consultation. During the consultation, things like your pet's health, routine, favorite hiding places,medications, and veterinary contact information will be discussed and recorded. Once you contract with Paw and Order, SPU we will need two keys to gain entry to your home while we provide your pet sitting services.

Prior to your absence, these simple advance preparations will assist your Professional Pet Sitter with providing optimum care and service for your special pet:

  •  Make sure you have plenty of food, treats,litter (If applicable), and any required medications on hand. It is always a good idea to buy extra supplies in the event your return may be delayed due to schedule changes or reasons beyond your control
  • Leave clean water and food bowls
  • Let your friends and neighbors know that a Professional Pet Sitter will be coming to your home during your absence
  • Keep all supplies that the Professional Pet Sitter will need, including collars and leashes, in one place
  • Make sure that your pet's collar has identification
  • Set out some simple cleaning supplies, in the event your pet has an accident. Don't forget to provide bags or a storage container for dirty litter


Is Paw and Order, SPU a franchise?

Paw and Order, SPU is a locally owned and operated business serving Colonial Heights, VA. and the Tri-Cities and is not affiliated with any other business. Paw and Order, SPU is a woman owned small business and is the concept of its owner Christine D. Kifer. Christine is a longtime resident of Colonial Heights and lives with her husband, a career law enforcement professional.  


How can I contact Paw and Order, SPU Pet Sitting, LLC to schedule a no obligation Meet-and-Greet Consultation?

Call us at (804) 404-5501, or use the contact us page to send an email.


Why should I choose a Professional Pet Sitter over a Doggie Daycare?

Doggie DayCare Centers have some hidden concerns we often are not aware of until it's too late :

  • Animals are more predisposed to illness and disease when they travel in groups, especially if a member of the group has not properly been vaccinated
  • There is a natural hierarachy in canines. If your dog is aggressive or dominant, you will likely be liable for any veterinary costs arising from aggression
  • Dominant Canines are prone to cause fights. If your dog is not aggressive or dominant, he/she may become the vicitm of a bully
  • Your schedule must meet the business hours of the center
  • You package and load your pet each day and transport to the center

A Professional Pet Sitter comes to you and gives love and hugs to your special pets where they are most comfortable......your home!