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Our pricing is designed to provide you with the most services at the included rate so you do not have to pay for a lot of extras.

The following prices are for the most common services provided and do not include all available services. Most services may be customized to meet the needs of you and your special pet.


Mid-Day Break    $ 20.00 per visit

Not every special pet parent is able to be there when the urge strikes for a potty break. Irregardless of whether you work long days, want to take a day trip, are a day sleeper, or cannot otherwise be there, a Mid-Day Break package will ease your worries and your special pets bladder.  

A Mid-Day Break includes the following:

  • potty break
  • refresh water
  • a treat


Full-Day and Vacation Package for Dog           $48.00 PER DAY                 (3 visits included daily. Morning(1), Midday(1), Evening(1) )* Price includes one dog. Each additional pet = $5.00 per day

This specially priced package is geared for those who will be away for extended periods of time, usually days. This package is most popular with those clients who are away on business trips, vacations, weekend outings, or are experiencing an extended illness and need a little help with their special pet.

This package includes the following:

  • potty breaks
  • administration of medications (if needed)
  • feeding and water
  • treats, where appropriate
  • playtime (Lots of love and hugs)
  • bring in your newspapers, mail and packages
  • home security check
  • daily text update, if requested 



Cat    $ 22.00 per visit     (includes up to 2 cats)    Extra cat= $3.00 each

Cats are special pets too and are no less in need of care and love than dogs. This service is designed for special cats.

Our  Cat service includes the following:

  • feed and water
  • clean and refresh litter box
  • playtime (Cats need love and hugs too!)
  • treats, where appropriate
  • medications (if needed)
  • bring in your newspapers, mail and packages
  • home security check

During your extended absence, all cat services require a visit everyday to assure your special feline pet is receiving the best of care and is in the best of health.



Additional Services / Fees

Do you have additional needs? We've got you covered with these services, or we will gladly customize a service to meet your wants and needs. Don't be shy! Ask. . .


 Plant Care   $4.00 (includes up to 6 plants)

Okay, maybe they aren't as precious as your special pets, but plants are important. We don't walk them or take them out for a potty break, but we will water them while you are gone. We water your plants during one of our scheduled special pet visits.


Groomer and Veterinarian Appointment Transportation    $40.00*

Can't seem to squeak out enough time to take your special pet to and from appointments like scheduled groomer or veterinarian visits?  Leave the transportation and waiting time to us. Our transportation program includes:

  • transportation to and from scheduled visits within a 10 mile radius
  • one hour wait time at the appointment

*Additional wait time is charged at $9.00 per 15 minutes. Additional travel, outside the included 10 mile radius, is charged at $.60 per mile.


Appointment Sitting    $36.00 per hour*

Have an important appointment scheduled with a contractor? Expecting the delivery and installation of appliances? Air conditioning or heat on the fritz and a contractor needs access to your home? We will meet with the authorized contractor at your home and provide him access. We will stay with the contractor and secure your home when he is done. We will even send you a text update if you want. No special pets necessary!

*A minimum one hour rate applies. Additional time is charged at $9.00 per 15 minutes.


Lock Out Service    $25.00     $50.00 after hours*

Accidently got locked out of your home? If we have your keys on file, we will be glad to unlock the door for you. Avoid a locksmith or the high cost of repairing damages caused by forcing entry.

*before 7 AM or after 8 PM

Errands Service    $36.00 per hour (includes 10 mile radius)*

Is time creeping up on you and you just don't have time to handle certain errands? We will handle your errands for you during our non-peak pet sitting hours.

*$9.00 for each additional 15 minutes. $.60 per mile beyond the included 10 mile radius

a la carte

  • additional time with pets    $9.00 per 15 minutes 
  • additional pets   $3.00 per additional pet with Mid-Day and $5.00 per additional pet, per day with the Daily/Vacation package

Emergency pet supply shopping- $36.00 plus cost of supplies

Pet Sitting visits outside of normal business hours (before 7:00 AM or after 8:30 PM) add $10.00 per visit. 


Holiday Rates*

Holiday Rates apply to the following holidays:

  • Christmas Eve Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Easter Day
  • Independence Day
  • New Years Eve Day
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Paw and Order,SPU Day (if ever declared by Congress)

Add $5.00 for each Mid-Day Break and add $10.00 for each Full Day or Vacation package.


Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and Kittens are extra special pets and may require some extra special care. Your Professional Pet Sitter will discuss a structured plan with you during the "meet and greet" consultation. Any additional fees, if applicable, will be discussed during the "meet and greet".


Cancellation Procedures 

Sometimes doo-doo happens and plans change. Cancellations or schedule changes received at least three full days prior to your scheduled first service date are penalty free. Cancellations without a three full day notice will result in a penalty of 100% of the first three scheduled days of service. We have set aside time to service you and will not be able to accommodate other clients at the last minute unless we receive proper notice.


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